Sunday, 16 November 2014

My week in Crochet

As I sit in front of my open fire on a massive bean bag, sipping my glass of red wine and watching lord of the rings, I cant help but smile at how terribly content and happy I feel!

I have been crafting like a crazy woman over the past week, with Christmas fast approaching I seem to have an endless list of makes on my 'to do' list! I have decided that the best idea is to save all the items I intend to gift to friends and family till last and concentrate on orders I have, shop stock and getting ready for the two Christmas craft fairs I am doing! So much to make and so little time!

I do solemnly swear that next year I shall start my festive makes in September!! (honest i will! wink wink!)

Here is a glimpse at some of the things I have been working on this week

I have been busy making lots of brooches... hearts, bows and flowers! I think they would look lovely pinned on peoples winter coats!
The flower pattern is from one of my (many) Mollie Makes Magazines

The heart is made using this pattern over at Crochet make me Happy.

And lastly the bow is made using the pattern I posted on my first blog post!

I then simply used my good old trusty hot glue gun to stick a brooch clip onto the back of each!
I think they look so lovely all bunched together!

I know the colours aren't exactly 'wintery' shades, but its always nice to brighten things up! Plus I'm just in love with pastel shades!

I have also been making up bags of pine cones, fragrant orange slices, crochet acorns, crochet berries and handmade willow stars!

I'm simply in love with these little bags of goodness! Lots will be going into The Hive shop in Pelynt, Looe, some for the Christmas Craft Fairs, and then I think I may make some as little Christmas gifts for friends and family!

And speaking of gifts for the family....

My hubby treated me to a delicious Kirsty Allsopp set for making bath bombs. Its glorious. Ive made a batch of them which I'm going to gift out this Christmas. Check out my review on the set!

Ive also finished off a Christmas blanket, it is a wonderfully soft polar fleece blanket which i have added a red crochet boarder and appliqued on a stag. Lovely for getting cosy on the sofa with on these increasingly chilly evenings!

I've also been working on a rabbit pattern, I plan to make lots of these cuddly little fellas for the Christmas Fayre's.

Hope you all have a craft filled week too!


L x 

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