Sunday, 9 November 2014

Top 5 Crochet Blogs

Hello lovelies, Hope you are all having a relaxing and tranquil weekend. Ours has been a peaceful one mainly spent snuggled in front of the fire with a few new films and lots of crafting! Today I would like to share with you some of my favourite crochet blogs.  Now I'm sure you are aware that there is a vast number of crochet/craft blogs out in blogland, and undoubtable some lovely ones that I am yet to discover, so having someone point out a few great ones is always useful, right?
1. Pink Milk, if you read my last post then you will already know how much I love, love, love this blog. It's my favourite. I love the use of colours, the delicious yarns, the fantastic photography and especially the great crochet patterns and tutorials.
2. Annaboo's House is another wonderful crochet blog. Sarah has actually just written her first crochet book for beginners, which will be available to buy in the new year, read all about it over on her blog.  She also has a fantastic collection of free crochet patterns/tutorials and some lovely ones to buy from her via her Etsy shop. I have made loads of Sarah's crochet design's and her patterns are always accurate and easy to follow. One of my favourites is this little kitty doorstop I made, which is available for free on her blog.  
3. One Sheepish Girl is a blog that I have only recently discovered. She has the most amazing crochet and just as amazing photos of it all! I look forward to getting to know her blog better!

4. Hopscotch Lane Check out Becky's beautiful crochet blog, there are some fantastic patterns, although you do have to purchase them, they are well worth the money! I brought the doll pattern awhile back and altered it to a ballerina theme doll, which my little girl adores!

5. Attic 24 is a wealth of knowledge! You wont believe the amount of free patterns the extremely talented and generous Lucy has written and shared. Just take a look through the list on the left hand side of her blog and pick a pattern to get started on! At the bottom there is a little 'buy me a coffee' donate button, which I have donated to on several occasions, only seems fair considering the amount of freebie patterns I've had from Lucy!
I hope you will all enjoy these blogs as much as I have!
Which crochet blogs do you love? I would love to hear from you! Its always fun to submerge yourself in a new craftey blog!

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  1. I've come across Attic24 but the others are new to me - I shall go, explore...!

    A lot of the crafting blogs I follow tend to diversify rather than stick to one craft format (like myself) - basically we're all yarnaholics at heart!

    I've spent the afternoon learning to crochet Queen Anne's Lace and designing a way to join the strips into a fabric.....then I had a go at Tunisian spiral crochet, which has got me rather hooked (pardon the pun!) .... but I was back to knitting mitred squares this evening, mindless occupation with a good film & a glass of wine! ;-)