Thursday, 27 November 2014

Kirsty Allsopp Bath Bomb Review

Hello Ladies,

So as i mentioned in this post my lovely HB brought me the Kirsty Allsopp bath bomb kit. I'm a big fan of Kirsty, so i was over the moon to have a chance to try out one of her kits. She has a lovely range of them which are available to purchase in Hobby Craft, and probably loads of other places! 

So i thought i would write up a little review for you all! 

The kit comes in a beautiful box, the outer packaging is a sleeve, so once this is removed your left with the lovely floral and polka dot box. Mine has now been upcycled into my embroidery floss box.

Inside you get everything you need to make the bath bombs, including 2 little heart moulds.

The instructions are adequate but are basic, and it took abit of trial and error to perfect my technique! The problem i encountered was the heart bath bombs falling apart when i tried to ease it out of the mould

Hmm... doesn't look quite like the ones from Lush does it?!

So here are a couple of tips!

Fill the moulds high, it makes it easier to compress the bomb and helps prevent getting an 'inverted' back to your heart.

Leave the bath bomb in the mould for at least 2 minutes, i found that when i tried to remove straight after pushing firmly on the moulds that they crumbled every time!

Beautiful Rose bath bombs!

Once you have eased them ever so gentle out of the moulds you need to leave them to fully set, i set mine aside on a plate and left them for about 24 hours.

I found the kit provided enough ingredients to make 12 bath bombs. So i set aside a few for myself and the rest i have packaged up as little gifts for friends and family this Christmas.

I used little cellophane bags which i brought on ebay to put two baths bombs in. Tied them with some pretty pink string and added a little rustic clay star and luggage label. Simple but pretty packaging I think!

And of course i had to immediately sample them in the bath!

And they were fantastic! I mean seriously lovely! the smell is glorious, my suggestion - run a hot bath with the bathroom door shut, it traps the scent in the room, and when you walk in its blissful.

Overall i think this little set is great, especially if you have been thinking about delving into the world of bath bomb making, as its an inexpensive way of trying this new craft without a massive financial outlay.

The packaging makes them a fantastic Christmas gift.

Ive added a few onto my Christmas wish list! I'm especially hoping jolly old Santa will drop the candle making one down my chimney!

If any of you have tried any of Kirsty's sets I would love to hear all about your thoughts on them!


L x

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